Calvin X Krystal Downtown Elopement

Calvin and Krystal were so so so fun to shoot with, both recently self employed game devs I want to thank them first and foremost as always for trusting me. Your day is what you make it, and these two made it by getting fresh, going downtown, taking some fire photos, and drinking boba. I’m happy they let me tag a long to capture everything and we even stopped by where they bought the engagement ring coming full circle. Peep the fun we had together!

For my fellow photography nerds, this was all shot with the Fujifilm 100V which is my favorite camera to date. I also use it with the TCL lens to get that 50mm equiv view with a diffusion filter for those glowy highlights. My second body is the Fuji XT-2 with 50MM F1. Fantastic lens and this was my first client shoot using it. I have a ND filter in the mail but with the electronic shutter I was able to shoot wide open sun facing us at 32000th of a second to create the Brenzier Method pano. Word to John Branch for the tutorial

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