Clarity Starts at home - Rachel Crosby

I started a personal portrait project and had the first shoot with Rachel Crosby a painter out of Denver. Having recently left my day job due to my health and focused on photography full time it’s been slow going but I’ve seen some glimpse of the sun through the cloud. Rather than waiting for everyone to come to me from a google search I need to put new work out and I wanted it to mean something so I’m starting with a series of portraits featuring black artists in Colorado. The name of the project came from one of my favorite albums by rapper Phonte, particularly the song “The Good Fight” was something I listened to almost daily. I would be on lunch break in my car and this quote would hit me every time.

It's like chasin a high, you just wanna get a hit
Just wanna get a taste, just wanna benefit
Everyday we wake up there's the legitimate
Struggle between doin what's right or just doin some nigga shit

With cancer, covid, chemo and a new fiancée we made the decision that due to my health I couldn’t continue on in this capacity and here we are trying to get it done. I can’t wait to shoot with more artists and share more work as I continue on this path. Support Rachel by purchasing prints and puzzles for the holiday season!

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