Vincent X Paloma - Eden West Ranch Wedding

It was my great pleasure to document Vincent and Paloma’s wedding at the beautfiul Eden West lavender ranch in Cotopaxi, CO. I met Vincent through the Colorado Fighting Game Community (FGC) and from documenting the tournaments here he was able to see my work and reached out. The venue was dope a big wood cabin a couple hours south of Colorado Springs. This is a legit working lavender farm so it’s scenic as f**k greenery everywhere, mountains looming and natural shade protecting us from the July sun. Another thing that made this wedding special is that I shot it 2 days after my birthday after I declared to myself I wouldn’t go into 37 the same way I spent 35, it was like a renewed energy and I was happy to be around love.

Vincent X Paloma Eden West Wedding - Shotbytherobot

After a beautiful morning drive from Colorado Springs through Canon City, then Cotopaxi I pulled up to see this amazing view of the mountains and hills. Once I saw the chalkboard I knew I was in the right place and I was greeted by Vincent who made a most excellent host. This man even gave me gas money because of the 2 hour drive. I couldn’t believe it but this is the type of clients I attract and I’m so grateful I was able to help memorialize their day. I went to meet the bride and introduce myself to her party and was met with underground hip hop letting me know this was going to be a special day. It’s not too often I walk into the bride playing music by Rapsody and we even had a conversation about Little Brother!!!

The ceremony was short and sincere, they wrote vows for each other that moved me so much I asked for a copy of Vincent’s who graciously passed them on to me. The reception was on and popping right after they exchanged rings and kissed. It felt real and intimate with games, soda, good food and better convo. As I plan my own wedding I took quite a bit from shooting with them and enjoyed myself immensely. If you would like to have your wedding documented in this way then please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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